About the Survey

IT Transformation in the Middle East: Unveiling the Future

The Information Technology (IT) industry stands at the forefront of global economic transformation, and the Middle East is no exception. In recent years, Middle Eastern countries have been rapidly embracing technology as a catalyst for economic diversification, innovation, and societal progress.

A New Dawn for IT in the Middle East

The primary goal of this survey is to provide insights into the current state of the IT industry in Middle Eastern countries and to illuminate the path they are forging towards an IT-driven future. The Middle East represents nations with distinctive economic landscapes and cultural diversity. This survey endeavors to unravel the IT evolution across these countries.

Leaders Spearheading the Survey

Jayakumar Mohanachandran

Chief Research Officer (CAAS)

Anushree Dixit

Global Head - Content and strategic Alliances

ShoebMohammad Choudhari

Research Analyst (CAAS)

Research Panel

Qasim Nadeem

Aamir Khalid Pirzada

Mohammed Mahnashi

Devender Manral

Dr Salim Al-Shuaili

Nagi Reddy Bommareddy

Adnan Ahmed 

Abdus Salam

Chander Raina

Jacob Mathew

Aamir Khan

Samit Jha

Ahmed Shawky

Tushar Vartak

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